Ode to an Hernia

by | May 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A year of waiting has come to an end
At the Day Care Centre, my stomach to mend
I’m met at Reception and announce my arrival
Ever hopeful of this day’s survival
Midst hopes and fears that are running rife
Will I survive the surgeon’s knife?
But fears are allayed as TONI takes my hand
And ushers me around the ‘New’ Day Care land
She shows me a cubicle, bed and gown
Then TONI for a specimen begs
Devoid of clothes I feel such a clown
And just stare at my knobbly legs
Maureen’s here now, book and pen at the ready
Her stool and her instrument too
To check my age, my weight and BP
Have I had jaundice or typhoid or ‘flu.
Now just as I am musing will they operate by ‘keyhole’
Or even the prospect of laser
I’m brought back to earth by MAUREEN, who says,
“Up with your gown” while wielding a razor
Now Doc has arrived and with friendly manner
Tells me just what to expect
Then with black marker pen, draws a circle with arrows on stomach
So the surgeon knows where to dissect
Anaesthetist checks that I’m healthy, puts a tick by my name
‘cos in the Day Care Centre, whether you’re poor or healthy,
Everyone’s treated the same.

So its off to Theatre with TONI by my side
And helped to bed for inoculation
But strangely there are no worries to hide
I’m unconscious without a ‘drifting’ sensation
Its all over now, I’m conscious, my mouth is so dry
Can my dentures be returned?
Mouth rinsed by Recovery Nurse, a gleam in her eye
Today I’ve learnt how nurses wages are earned
TONI’s returned with KEN, I think
I can hear their friendly banter
To take me back to the ward, on a trolley this time
And perhaps break into a canter.
Deprived all day of nourishment
Or even a refreshing drink
Now we’ve TEA & SANDWICHES served by LOUISE
Ably assisted by colleague PAT I think.
My treatment is finished, and as night?time descends
This visit to the Day Care Centre ends
I’d just like to say “Thank You” to you my FRIENDS


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