Ode to our soldiers

by | Aug 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

With courage and strength beyond compare
They brave the things we wouldn’t dare
Always primed and ready to fight
They do their job both day and night
They’re in those lands so far away
Putting their lives on the line every day
Wearing body armour in blazing heat
Desert boots upon their feet
In their bergen they neatly pack
50 kilos for on their back
They look for bombs whilst in the street
Watching where they place their feet
Security checks are a definite must
They don’t know who they dare to trust
Hearts and minds they strive to share
But suicide bombers just do not care
From base or FOB* their temporary home
They call their loved ones on the phone
By solar shower they wash and scrub
Before they sit to eat their grub
Mortars fired daily at the base
They dive for cover and hide their face
They try to sleep on make shift beds
Breeze block canopies above their heads
Comrades are injured, dying too
They want to stop but grit sees them through
They want to mourn but not just yet
The memory of their comrades they’ll never forget
These brave soldiers young and old
Fight for their country, being strong and bold
They deserve respect, no more, no less
British soldiers are simply THE BEST


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