Ode to the Wall of my Cell at Highbury Court

by | Sep 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

A Borstal Boy came home one day
And found his true love had run away
And when he asked the reason why
With these words she did reply

“If you had chosen an honest life
Then I would gladly be your Wife
But as you chose a life of Crime
Go, Borstal Boy and do your time”

Far away in the Detention Cell
The Borstal Boy did ring his Bell
And when they found him he was dead
And in his hand was a note that read

“Dig my Grave and dig it deep
And lay Red Roses at my feet
Upon my Head a Turtle Dove
To show the World I died for Love”

So all you Girls please bear in mind
A Borstal Boy is hard to find
So if you love him love him true
A Borstal Boy would die for you


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