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War! War! Mother it’s War! Father, Father please let me answer the call! To go and fight for our glorious King, this great adventure will soon begin.
They gave me a uniform, they gave me a gun, they sent me oversees to face the Hun.
Rain! Rain! Mud and Rain! Friend and foe are lying in the Rain, cold and wet I feel their pain, and tomorrow it starts all over again!
I dream of golden spring fields back home, then hot summer days lazing in the sun, a picnic with Alice and Mother too! I wish my dream of peace would come true.
It’s been four long years since these horrors began and our village has lost so many young sons, we must remember the sacrifice they gave and forever remember all their names.
Mother! Mother! I feel their Pain!
Mother! Mother! I feel their Hurt!
Mother! Mother! I will return home soon, your loving son, Burt.


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