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Dawn is breaking once again
Fishermen walking down the lane
Harbour wall is just in sight
As rising Sun replaces night
The tide is rising, buoys are bobbing
Fishing boat’s old diesels are throbbing
Crew’s aboard, they leave the shore
Out to search the shoals once more
There’s work to do as they travel on
nets to mend and maintenance done
Wind is rising swelling the Tide
Bigger troughs and crests to ride
Radio begins to clatter
Fishing grounds are drawing near
Louder now the Skippers chatter
As other fishing boats show clear
Nets are running fast and free
Spewing into the foaming sea
Crew’s alert for any snag
That might affect their catch.
Speed is down now, they start the trawl
The crew are stood at ease
Waiting to retrieve their nets
Hoping their catch will please
The order’s given, the winches turn
Trawl’s coming in now, over the stern
The tension is rising, the nets take the strain
As a voluminous catch lands in the holds again
Now its “Stow away the gear lads
Hose down the decks”
Everything’s safe as the Skipper checks
Forward the throttle, hear the old diesels roar
All eyes to the coastline and Home once more.


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