Oh!!!!!! Not Poetry

by | May 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Many people I’ve met ask “Why do you write”
Say Poetry’s dull, lacks interest
But as we all know that isn’t correct
And to counter this I do my best
To convince them to read with an open mind
See what the text displays
It is then quite likely that they will find
Thoughts penned in so many varied ways
And then they may ask, well where can they start
To discover what’s written, far and wide.
By very ordinary people
Sometimes by authors who try to hide
Their inhibitions, sometimes worries or fears
Lack of confidence , maybe advancing years
For all have walked the path of life
Witnessed happiness and laughter
Which is often followed by doubt or sorrow
And the floods of tears that may appear after
Which is how a Poet in my humble opinion
Is fully equipped to write
On what would be the perfect subject
For his potential reader’s delight
Should they write for the view of Woman or Man
Or are there similarities
Maybe use poetic Licence
To make sure that the readers you please
There are Oh! so many subjects
And they are there just waiting to be chosen
Holidays, Love affairs, Conflicts, Hobbies & Children
Or Eskimos in Iceland, are they frozen
And as I conclude this episode
I think it’s and even bet
That Poetry has had it’s biggest boost ever
With the advent of the Internet


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