Oh! To be in Essex now that Autumn’s here

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

As one travels the lanes and byways
Of a rural community
The changing signs of the Seasons
Are very plain to see
You’ve seen Spring come and go
With Tulips and Daffodils galore
With Regal Camelias and colourful Magnolias
As Summer comes to the fore
Trees are in blossom and Roses too
Warmth of Sun fills the air
Encouraging plant- life to fruition
Flowers in beauty everywhere
But all too soon the Summer is fading
You’ll notice the morning dew
As you walk through fields and foliage
Showing the spiders webs clearly too
The flowers all now seem to bow theirs heads
As once more their life comes to and end
And in gardens secateurs are now busy “dead heading”
To be used as compost “ The GardenersFriend”
But back to our countryside ramble
Where the trees their leaves have changed
Leaves of Green and Gold and Russett
To form a carpet on the ground neatly arranged
It would appear that Mother Nature works in this way
As her matronly watch on the countryside she’ll keep
Like a blanket to cover the plant life
During their long Winter sleep
So as your countryside ramble is nearing it’s end
At this interesting Season of the year
The words that may be passing through your head
Oh! to be in Essex now that Autumn is here.


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