Oh! Woe is me

by | Aug 6, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh! Woe is me what’s happened
Where has my work all gone
Someone’s pinched all my poems
Perhaps used them for their own
I thought that posted here
For other Members to read
Could be a way of sharing
Without their safety I would exceed
Maybe they’ve been removed to the archives
Or on the furnace been tossed
As they are freely posted
It couldn’t have been the cost
But no doubt in the near future
The mystery may be solved
And hopefully the villain apprehended
For the crime in which he was involved
’tis fortunate tho’ with a P C
Copies of all you keep
Laying on your hard-drive
In the hours that we sleep
But I’ll keep a special vigil now
Less into my Office they creep
So now I’ve tried to find the Answer
From, Bob, who for knowledge is a glutton
Who after extensive thought decreed
Delete the names from your “ignore” button
So now the problem is solved
And all my doubts are put to bed
But if nothing else it gave me a reason
To write a rhyme instead .


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