Old flames

by | Apr 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Have you ever looked back in your Memory
In the hope that you might recall
Those Halcyon days of the past
When stories of love would enthrall
Even without true intention
The thought of a very first kiss
Or a sign of recognition
Would not be considered amiss
Did you wave assent across the room
Or merely a nod of the head
Was there a hint of a warm caress
Did you turn your head away instead
Was there hope in your heart from the very first glance
Were you drifting away on a cloud
Or was this to be the one in your life
Should you shout out the name really loud
But no matter which way you turn it seems
That your newborn hope just shatters
For someone, somewhere will fill your dreams
And this is so clearly what matters
Remember that Kiss
And the warm caress
Or maybe a parting wave
As you go on through life
With your head in a whirl
Hoping your first love to save
And perhaps to re-kindle the flame that was lost
All those days, weeks & years long ago
Was that your name that was whispered just now
From the love that was lost
Or a new friend called to say Hello


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