Olympic dream

by | May 20, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

From hundred yards to marathon,
From rowing to the beam,
The young are here from round the world
For their Olympic dream.
The best have come, from Michael Phelps,
Chris Hoye and our Beth Tweddle,
All fighting for their Country
In pursuit of a gold medal.
The stadium in Stratford
Is the best the world has seen
And the rail links to the station
Are the best they’ve ever been.
And as it is the summer
Ice cream sales are sure to rocket.
We hope each foreign visitor
Has money in his pocket.
The national debt will be reduced
From selling to the tourist
And everyone will benefit,
From richest to the poorest.
And so I’m looking forward
To us lighting up the flame.
I’ve stocked up with umbrellas
And I’ll sell them in the rain!


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