On Duty

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I stand for my country, flag, and home
Proudly I honour them all
I will do my best to face what’s there
Praying to God that I won’t fall

Saying goodbye was the hardest part
Leaving all those I love behind
I know I am one of the luckiest guys
To have a special girl on my mind

She looked at me with big sad eyes
I know she didn’t understand
Surrounded by all those at the base
She placed her wet nose in my hand

I crouched down low and hugged her
So no one saw the tears in my eyes
She licked my face, my special girl
And I never like goodbyes

She has grown much older now
And that makes me extra sad
God keep her safe till I get home
Then this posting won’t be so bad

Those also serve who stand and wait
And she looks after Mum and Dad
She knows she is now on duty too
When it’s over we’ll both be glad


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