On Flanders Field

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

On Flanders Field
The Graveyards grew.
The Larks sang and flew
Where gunfire was all they knew
Row upon row
Rank upon rank,
The crosses, the headstones march
Across the land that almost sank
Beneath a sea of death.
People visit an awe and wonder
The vision of white a terrible sight
So many young men perished and lay
For our tomorrow, they died that day.
The land itself bears the scars
Of carnage made by men at war.
The land is full of munitions still
Lying in wait the unwary to kill.
Loved ones at home
Hoped and prayed
Dreading the day a telegram post
Would tell them they had lost
The one they loved most.
We stand here now 100 years on
We pay our respects
We play The Last Post
We say hello,goodbye
To those who gave the most.
Au revoir today, goodbye tomorrow
Those brave young men
They took it in their stride
The horrors of war
That they all saw.


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