On their way

by | Mar 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

All the preparation…
The worries and the tears
Still nothing can prepare you
For the mother of all fears

Psyching yourself up…
Trying to keep your head together
But when that day arrives
You don’t feel too clever

One last conversation…
You cannot say ‘Goodbye’
It’s so, so very hard
Not to break down and cry

Then, that’s it, they’re gone…
You feel lost, forlorn
Your world becomes surreal
Like the calm before the storm

Waiting for that phone call…
To hear them one more time
A small but needed reassurance
Let’s you know that all is fine

Letters, postcards, parcels…
Let’s them know they’re not alone
A much needed ‘pick me up’
Sent with love from home

An emotional rollercoaster lies ahead…
But you know it’s not for long
For yourself and for them
You know you must stay strong

The clock’s now ticking slowly…
As days pass one by one
Longing for that perfect day
When their tour of duty’s done


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