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Why hate your brethren, you men of the Earth?
Who were born of the same womb that gave you your birth.
Don’t you feel any guilt?…don’t you feel any shame?
Must your brothers and sisters from afar take the blame?
You murder and massacre and plunder their homes,
And steal all their possessions, as the crows pick their bones.
You torture and flog them…and make them your slaves,
With your work they are burdened, and sped to their graves.
You kill all their children, and dishonour their wives,
You bring down your wrath on their miserable lives.
Do you think you are clever in this manner of way?
You must be found guilty…what have you to say?
In the midst of your feastings they are cause for your mirth…
But beware then…for soon they’ll inherit the Earth.


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