One for the Road

by | Nov 16, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

If only he had not gone out last night, if only he had stayed at home
He’d not be lying on the mortician’s slab, and you’d not be left alone
If he’d taken care when crossing the road, waited ‘til lights were red
He still would be here right by your side, and not lying there stone dead

He stepped right out in front of him; gave the motorist no time to think
It wasn’t the poor drivers fault; he hadn’t had too much to drink
I mean: he knows you need drive carefully, when you have had a few
Or else you might see flashing lights, and get stopped by the boys in blue

So, he blew into the meter, knowing a red light would mean a fail
He was then handcuffed, and put into a car, and taken off to jail
Sat afraid and lonely in his cell, finding the night no longer fun
With time to think, and contemplate, on the tragic deed he’d done

Remember when you’re going out, and you’re going to have a drink
There are many ways to get around, so before you go, just think
Get a bus or a lift from someone safe, or call a taxi on the phone
Whatever you do, don’t ever drive, please leave your car at home


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