One last time

by | Oct 30, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Turn back the shroud just one more time
And let me see this child of mine
The child we’d planned for so sincere
I’ll hold here in my arms so near.

The future now will hold no laughter
Just our memories forever after
The child with plans all laid out clear
Is now so far but once was near.

We both avoid all talk of him
To try and hide the pain within
Each one wondering alone
Yearly how much he’d have grown.

Those schooldays that will be missed
His first steps, his first kiss
All not to be, no future plan
Not to grow from boy to man.

No wife or children will he hold
In loving arms till he grows old
All of this he will not see
It stopped right here, his destiny.

So let me see just one more time
The child I’m not to have as mine
Then seal the lid so I can’t see
The child for us that’s not to be.


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