One lonely soldier

by | Sep 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

One lonely soldier
With a pen in his hand
Writes to his family
From a far off land

The words he writes
Come straight from his heart
Still he hopes they don’t show
How he’s falling apart

Haunted by nightmares
Of recent attacks
So called martyrs
Bombs strapped to their backs

Visions of comrades
As he closes his eyes
Injured and maimed
His ‘brothers’ who’ve died

He’s seen so much
Whilst on his tour
He knows in his heart
He can’t take much more!

His mum reads his letter
She breaks down in tears
For between each word written
She can feel her son’s fears

She sits at the table
To begin her reply
As the words unfold
The tears fall from her eyes

Son you are human
We all have our fears
And even brave soldiers
Are allowed to shed tears

Those demons inside you
Together we’ll fight
Then at least then my darling
You can sleep soundly at night

Stay strong now son
Please keep your head low
I know you are hurting
I’m a mum and I know

You’ve done your duty
You’ve given your best
You’ll be home soon
For your well earned rest

You know we’ll be waiting
When you arrive home
And you’re in our hearts always
Son, you’re never alone

So until your tour ends
We send all our love
And we’ll pray that the Angels
Protect you from above


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