One starlit night

by | May 9, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

On hearing festive bells of Christmas chime
Pray peace and goodwill to yours and to mine
That all the worlds brethren may kneel and pray
Thanking our Lord for giving this day.

By firelight the shepherds sat guarding sheep
So weary and sad for lack of good sleep
Angel of God bade them gather around
And in mighty awe they knelt on the ground.

Knowing that to earth had come their true lord
To conquer their fears, but not by the sword
He had come down to live, to spread true love
Sent down to earth by his father above

A day of great joy; of Jesus the child
Born in a stable, he so meek and mild
In the dark heavens a star shone so bright
Guiding three wise men through the dark of night.

Through his short life, love and truth he did spread
Healing the sick, bringing life to the dead
Curing the blind and the poor crippled lame
For evil others, he then took the blame.

Jesus died on the cross; Calvary high
Blessing the ones that all wished him to die
Let us worship the good his birth did bring
Raise our voices and hallelujahs sing.

Hallelujahs sing to heavens above
Sing to God the father, for giving love
And sending his son to show us the light
He born in a stable one starlit night.


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