One War is Over – Another Begins

by | May 7, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Blackness, thick and cloying, deep
stifles me, it won’t let me sleep.
Unseen demons snigger in my ear
their rancid breath is very near.
Weevils crawl beneath my skin,
strings of saliva drip from my chin.
Echoes of screams bounce off cold walls
while cloven hooves scratch in the halls.
Fleshless fingers tug at my hair,
faceless eyes burn a baleful stare.

Land mines! I can still hear their guns,
can’t believe they are some mother’s sons,
hacking at figures down on the ground,
bones cracking and blood curdling sounds.
Laughing! Look at that bastard’s filthy grin
as my mate tries to grab his stomach back in.
His legs are gone and he’s looking at me.
God, his eyes are holes so he can’t even see.
Let him die, dear God, please let him die.
They think I’m dead too so don’t let me cry.

Who’s that screaming? Stop that row.
You are doing my head in, stop it now.
They will get you too, they eat your brain
then you get left in here, quite insane.
That’s what they say because they don’t see
what comes in the dark to take bits of me.
Up through the drains they can crawl
or slithering through the vents in the wall.
When the gunfire and the bombings cease
Satan’s gremlins from hell all want a piece.


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