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Photographs passed from father to son
Reveal lives laid open and minds undone
Faded now, almost worn right through
Stories told, medals shown, for what they had to do.

The real truth is, not so nice
First day on the line, bled once then twice
Blood and pain a daily occurance
“We protect each other”
Was the army’s assurance.

The mud was thick, so hard to get through
Tired of orders, so much to do.
Joe went last night, the corpral said
No you prat you mean he’s dead

Came here a boy and made into a man
Scared every minute, was not my plan
Its the politcians who make the wars
On leather chairs, behind closed doors

I love my country, if this is what it takes
I will march on, for all time till my whole body aches
The straps the burn, they sting the cuts
Head down arse up, no if’s no buts

Its the same day in, and day out
The waitings the worst, to hear the shout
Lee Enfield, is my closest mate
The only one left at this bleedin’ rate

Its quiet for now, time to rest
Sleep in mud!, i’ll do my best
Soon be up for another “caper”
But for now, just pen to paper


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