Only in the Military

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Vietnam 1969

While stationed at Dong Tam, Viet Nam in 1969.
This event took place that makes you wonder about the Military

We were all sitting in a makeshift outdoor theater watching a movie provide by the Military
It of all things was a war movie.
All was going well until all of a sudden the sound effects and the debris became to realistic as it started falling aroud us.
It didn’t take a rocket scientist (thank goodness because none of us were) to figure out we were taking mortar or rockets in the camp near us.
We all (around 60-70) jumped up and ran for the bunkers.

There was a large hole about 4 feet deep and 5 feet around right at the exit to the outdoor theater.
Everyone dodged it except for one private who fell in it and broke his leg.
He was given a Purple Heart for an injury under enemy fire.
(sounds fair dosen’t it)
Thing is, he was the one who had spent most of the day diging the hole, to get to some base communication cables.


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