“Optimistic Pessimist”

by | Mar 26, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

“I do wish the future was over” when shooing my life away
In dread of pain and suffering, when ushering out the day
Commitment, death and evil, the list goes on and on
It comes in many guises; this fear which sets upon

To age for some, to be infirm and then to be alone
Yet nothing is as fearful, as that of the unknown
How should we deal with this strange beast, when knowing of it not
It haunts our every waking thought when weighing up our lot

Logic states we know not how or whence it ever came
Scientific testing may prove the premise as insane
When life becomes a burden this added factor to our woes
Will manifest within the mind as worst of all scenarios

Pessimism feeds our fears and fills our nights with dread
Images of netherworld are painted of the poor undead
Optimism comes with Faith when putting us to test
Structures of belief abound to set our minds at last to rest


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