Our Children

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From that moment of conception a couple’s life has changed
Never to be the same again – everything must be rearranged.
Through the pregnancy, especially when it’s the very first,
Every second has a different meaning from that instance of life’s burst.

That tiny butterfly of movement, was it there or imagination?
The wonder of the heartbeat at the first examination.
Does baby move enough? Or maybe just too much?
Does he have everything he needs – can’t wait for that first touch!

The last few weeks are awaited by all with anxious anticipation,
Suitcase packed and ready, will the arrival time be the correct calculation?
The feelings there, but is it true, can this be a contraction?
Parents-in-waiting sit with stopwatches ready before going into action.

Next stop the labor ward and soon the acquaintance of parent to baby
Will child and parent know each other? Of course, it’s never a maybe.
As they look into each other’s eyes the love is there from the start
For here before them lies a tiny piece of each parent’s loving heart.

Now it’s time for the family to come by and see this tiny miracle,
Each person wanting to cuddle – be part of this amazing spectacle.
New parents also produce new grandparents, aunts and uncles to name but a few.
The coming of this baby has changed family hierarchy all the way through.

The home that was once for two people must now accommodate one more,
Though it seems to have shrunk so much you can hardly close the door!
Baby sleeps deeply but parents don’t as they listen for each inhalation,
Though the short time between each feed is their rest’s annihilation.

Baby’s first laughter – unfettered pure and free
No sound so beautiful from angels could ever be.
First words emitting from sounds understood by parents alone,
Concentration on lights and indication of baby’s welfare via the babyphone!

First steps from standing teetering on the brink of success,
Now baby’s off in exploration – world growing – for parents more stress.
Nowhere and nothing is safe in line with toddler height,
Beyond is also possible with concentration and willpower for the tiny mite!

There’ll be many firsts that parent will share with pride and joy,
Pleasure a two-way bonding, investment for the future to employ.
And when a ‘first’ is perhaps a little negative word or action –
The child gauges its importance by the parent reaction!

As baby grows and parents’ confidence is gained time goes by too fast,
Promises to yourself that you’ll never forget each moment as it rushes past.
But then child becomes toddler – learning something new every day,
Life is so busy you want to stop time to make the moment stay.

To kindergarten then school – allowing someone else to guard your child,
Knowing the ways of this cruel world – not always for the meek and mild.
Our only saving grace to place his care into God and guardian angel’s hand,
To know that your beautiful child will be encircled in a loving, protective band.

Your child’s independence grows with each new experience in life
He must always know that he can come home with any tales of strife.
Home must always be a haven, a place that never judges but can understand,
Gently disciplines, sets the boundaries that this modern life demand.

Into teenage hood with all the changes and confusion that it brings about
For you and your child, at times a competition who has the loudest shout!
Parents don’t forget that you were once angry and rebellious too,
As you chauffeur your offspring and friends from a club in the a.m. way past two!

Then the really hard time comes once driving license is obtained,
The sleepless nights from babyhood are again what your life has attained.
You pretend to watch a late night film, half-listening in anticipation,
For the sound of car and garage door – as you hear it – your heart feels elation.

We must never forget that little child that lies deep within us all,
Bring that child out from time to time, keep it never far from your call.
And always remember we were all once little and big children too,
At those moments when we need love and intuition and not sure what else to do!

This child you love so much must go into the world one day – leave his parental home,
Knowing that he will always be welcome and loved wherever he may roam,
This child you nurtured, cared for and for whom you would gladly give your life,
Now must follow his destiny, make his own family, perhaps find a wife.

In the blink of an eye the moments have passed and are assigned
To memory, picture, video and the vast eternity of the human mind.
We try so hard not to take relationships, love and our lives for granted
As we try to instill this in our child – in his fertile mind to be planted.

So to our children these are the wishes that we wish for you;
Be healthy, happy, compassionate and above all to yourself be true.


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