Our Dad

by | Oct 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Just a few words
About our dad
To let you know
He’s not that bad

He likes his footy
Well generally sport
To be a team player
Is what he’s taught

Myself, my sister
And brothers too
Plus all his grandkids
To name a few

With children round
He’s always happy
Apart from changing
Samuel’s nappy

The grandkids are
His pride and joy
From oldest to youngest
Girl or boy

He’s got the time
For everyone
But don’t block his view
When the racing’s on

He gives advice
But never waivers
And tries to help
When asked for favours

Garlic and cucumber
He can’t abide
Soaps on tv
Make him run and hide

Here’s to you dad
You’re our number one
Happy birthday dad
From your daughter and sons

So give him three cheers
And raise your glass
Or we’ll all come round
To kick your ***


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