Our journey

by | Apr 1, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Our Journey
It starts when you breathe your first
And ends on your last

The bit in between
Should be a story that must be seen
It is your life’s tapestry
So should be rich and full
And never poor or dull

You do not need to be rich in wealth
Just happy and in good health
I know this is not always the case
But you must never give up the race
Even when you cannot keep up the pace

You make your own history
So no one else to blame
If you cannot raise your game

If you choose to live your life through the TV
And sit around thinking poor me
Then for you I have no sympathy

There is a world outside your door
A place that should be explored
You should always want to know and learn more

So who knows what awaits
When you stand at the pearly gates
A cold beer would be nice?


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