Our Journey

by | Oct 2, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Some talk of love between two folk
Like mist from silky streams
That gathers in the hollow
like gently flowing dreams

Some others don’t quite see it
They don’t have the same
They don’t see what’s special
And find it all quite lame

And then there’s me and you My Girl
We’ve been so long together
We’ve crossed uncharted waters
And faced all sorts of weather

And on our journey through the years
We’ve had our ups and downs
But to this day I share with you
Never did we drown

We weathered out the storms we faced
Some taken in our stride
Other storms near killed us
But “together” we survived

During this our journey
We took two more on board
Two fine and striking ship mates
Equally adored

Both our shining lights of joy
Our buttons strain with pride
They make their way across their seas
They’ve sailed upon their tide

We watch them sail beyond our sight
And slowly evening falls
Then gently in the distance
Our own time quietly calls

We sit, we chat, we laugh at things
We’re just us two again
We talk of all the times we’ve had
til two or three AM

But as I close this poem
Please hear what I now say
Never take for granted
The gift of life each day

For if like me you find her
The girl who you adore
You’ll want to live forever
In her arms her for evermore

If one day you look for me
and I too can’t be found
fear not for I’ll be with her
together safe and sound


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