Our lives are being lived through the box

by | Aug 6, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Our lives are being lived through the box
The screen that sits in the corner or hangs on the wall
Everyday living for one and all

With the Sky+ planner your life is complete
With your remote control there’s no need to leave your seat
You will be known as a couch potato
Because you won’t move very much and your shape will change

You know you are hooked when you start to shout
Move away from the screen you make a better door than a window
How come we have sunk so low?
A secret chant of thank god for Sky+ I can pause live TV
As your young child is shouting Daddy look at me

So ask yourself what is more important
And what has happened to the art of conversation
Do we really have to listen to some twerp from reality TV
Who only claim to fame is look at me

Pick up a book or draw a picture
For soon your life will become richer
Or go for a walk but more importantly we must all learn how to talk


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