Our old mate Steve R.I.P

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I know the words that I’m going to write
Some people will find hard to believe
For how do you pen some words in rhyme
About the life of our Old Mate Steve
I know that in Life there are stages
And we all take one step at a time
Not knowing what is round the corner
For us the future may be sublime
But for me to speak of a Pal that I met
On an ex-Service Site merely by chance
Of a man who spent many hours online
His cosseted life to enhance
He could wait or chat at random
Ever keen an opinion to voice
Of a trip to the Chippie or Chinese
Or raid the fridge for a Lager of his choice
And always not far away was Barbara
As Babs more affectionately known
And they shared their time on the computer
In a comical world of their own
Tho’ many a time I remember
When Steve asked what he’d done wrong
His Sentence was to be on Jankers
And down to the Guardroom was gone
He was ready to laugh and eager to talk
Perhaps even prepared to lurk
But I spent many a moment
Discussing his return to work
So now as I finish this scripture
The goal I would like to achieve
For you all to join in A Minutes Silence
And say goodbye to our Old Mate Steve.

Dennis Shrubshall 10th January 2008


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