Our Puppy

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Long long ago or so its seems
My wife decided she’s like a pet
So we studied all the advertisements
So see if there was a Puppy we could get
For sale there were plenty of Poodles
And Afghan Hounds and Dachshunds too
There were Yorkie’s, & Westie’s & Jack Russell’
Border Collies & Labrador’s to mention but a few
We saw Chi Hua Hua’s & Staffords & Rottweiller’s
It would be hard for a choice to for us to make
But to have a Mastiff or a Greyhound or a Retriever
Might prove to be an expensive mistake
We looked at Boxers & Whippets & Dalmations
A Llasa Apso and a Pinscher as well
How could we choose one from all of these dogs
A decision would be difficult I could tell
Then all of a sudden our minds were made up
When a German Shepherd Dog we espied
And then as tho’ in a dream it happened
The Alsation Puppy came and stood by our side
It didn’t take long to make up our mind
That this was the dog we would choose
We couldn’t go home and leave him behind
And the opportunity we dare not lose
The deal was done and he was now our pet
And as he looked up as we walked to the car
We knew that we’d made the right choice
For we’d studied dogs from near and far
He settled in quite nicely for a Puppy
Although to leave the litter was a shame
But his closeness to us made up for that
We decided Shadow would be his name
He’d do the things that all dogs do
Like sit and offer his paw
Or run off up the garden with a slipper
Even “pee’d on the Kitchen floor
But this was the friend that we wanted
As company when my wife was alone
Although a gentle natured dog was he
Unwanted strangers may have entered a war zone
The years came and went but he still seemed the same
Instinctively knew the times for a walk
And would stride by your side very proudly
Only impatient if you stopped for a talk
As he knew in the park he would always run free
And chase after a ball for evermore
Then after a gentle stroll back home
Would collapse in his basket on the floor
But the years take their toll in this life that we live
And for pets age catches up with them just the same
When no longer will they race to the door for a walk
Or go to the park for game
But still they give comfort to their owners
Ever eager to sit by their side
Still keen to have their head stroked
But their tiredness and pain they seem to hide
For they cannot tell you what ails them
As that is all down to your good friend the Vet
Whose task has been to keep the dog in good health
With kindness that you never forget
So it’s time now to remember those halcyon days
When Shadow was in his prime
And the happiness and joy that came with him
When you met for the very first time
But no-one can take the memories you hold
They are yours for evermore
And remain very special in your life
After Shadow, for the last time, goes through the door


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