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We are thankful for our Soldier’s
For everything they do,
Their strength and their endurance
Is all down to you.

We think the forces made them
Into what they are today,
But they simply shaped and moulded
What as parents you portrayed.

As parents you taught him dignity
You taught him to walk tall,
You taught him how to stand again
After each and every fall.

We forget he was your little boy
Who you sent out to play,
You probably told him off for fighting
Knowing he’d fight for us one day.

You must have really loved him
To encourage him in his quest,
But you were strong enough to let him go
To do what he does best.

Now it’s time to remember
Our Soldier’s of the past,
We salute your Son! Your Soldier!
He gave us all his best.

Today we show them honour
And honour is surly due,
But while we’re standing at attention
We salute you! his parents to.


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