Out Of Body Experience

by | May 20, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

We walked across the hills together we didn’t care about the weather
The wind was cold, the sun was bright, over the hills and out of sight
Onto youth we held so tight, no day went by without a fight
Years passed by when hope did fail, the light went out when I was pale

The Lord was good, he came along, he lit the light and sang a song
He sang a hymn I once knew, every word is really true
When in life I climbed so high, please O’ Lord don’t let me die
I love the Valley of my youth, yes O’ Lord I tell the truth

I pass this on to a friend of mine, for him I hope the sun will shine
I never thought I’d tell this tale, for you I hope it will not fail
My love for you will never die, I hope I do not make you cry
It’s hard to say these words just now, I love you more than ever now

The day I died I thought of you, I hovered there just over you
I tried to speak but all in vain, I found it hard to stand the strain
I took a knock upon the head, now I thought that I was dead
Everything I say is true, now I know I still love you
I’ll think of you till the day I die, please remember to say good-bye.


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