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Weren’t we on a high?
When the train pulled out, and they cheered us all off
With the flags and banners waving, and the children held aloft.
The Archduke was dead and we knew the score.
Germany needed a lesson so Tommy Atkins went to war.
But thousands slaughtered every day?
It’s over the top. It’s over the top

Lord Kitchener’s poster pointed a finger at us
Your country needs you I remember it said
If you want your loved ones to stay safe in their bed.
Yes I was one of those volunteers.
Who left his mum amongst cheers and tears
But all that Euphoria?
It was over the top. It was over the top

But I didn’t hesitate to answer his call
And by early December I’d took up my kit
Rough serge, big boots. But I cared not a bit.
Now at the front though I’ve soon changed my view.
Lions led by donkeys? It’s true. It’s all true.
Trade 50 lives to gain ten yards?
That’s over the top. That’s over the top

My hand is all shaky as I write this dear mum
I’m so scared and so full of fear
You see dawn is breaking and the big push is here.
When that whistle blows we’ll roar into hell
Is this to be the place where your loving son fell?
Will it be all over for me?
Over The top.


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