‘ Over the water ‘

by | Jul 7, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Home on leave from ‘ Over the water ‘
Telling lies to Mum
Working in deep cover
Can’t tell what I’ve become

What’s it like in ‘ Cyprus ‘ ?
She asks without a clue
Can’t tell her I’m in Ireland
Can’t tell her what I do

Each week she gets a postcard
From Cyprus it does come
All written months ago by me
‘ Please forgive me Mum ‘

For lying to you everyday
To keep my cover safe
Protect you from the worry
Your second Son, and waif

I think my older brother knows
He is a clever man
‘ If you’re based in Cyprus,
How come you’ve got no tan ‘ ?

He doesn’t quiz me further
But looks at me with pride
Good job he’s not IRA
The lies I couldn’t hide

And when it’s time for me to go
Back to the Belfast streets
He shakes my hand and hugs me
A tear sticks to my cheeks

‘ Keep your head down, you be safe ‘
He whispers in my ear
‘ If you’re in trouble over there,
I’ll come for you, I swear ‘

My Mum she hugs me next
My taxi it awaits
‘ Don’t get burnt out in the sun ‘
She innocently states

Then across the Irish Sea
To Ireland and the strife
I wouldn’t change it if I could
Because I love this life

No inspections, or parades
No Sergeants shout and moan
I live the streets a lonely man
Because this life’s ‘ My own ‘


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