Owe me one in the bar

by | Nov 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

His rugged, tanned face turned into the pillow
So no one would see the tears in his eyes
Everyone would get the wrong idea if they saw
And he heaved another of his heavy sighs

His two strong arms pushed against the bed
He heaved himself over to face the wall
No way could he watch her walking away
As her high heels clicked off down the hall

As he turned he saw where his leg should be
He couldn’t cope with that look on her face
She’d fallen in love with a sport playing man
But he was left somewhere back in that place

The medics did everything that they could
But his leg was blown away, sky high
He made it back with the rest of the guys
Sometimes he wished they’d left him to die

The scars on his face had all but healed
He was tough, he would make a good life
They had managed to save his sight in one eye
But there was no way he could make her his wife

The Ward Sister had been watching all of this
She’d seen it happen a few times before
Swiftly she had followed the pretty young girl
And stopped her walking out the main door

“I hope you don’t mind but I saw what went on
Would you care to wait here in my room?
I can see your upset and I know he is too
Right now he sees nothing but gloom”

“I’ll go and have a word, I know what he needs
Some gentle army style TLC
So dry your eyes and put a smile on your face
I’ll go and see if he will listen to me”

“Now look here soldier”, Sister said to the man
“I think you are being b****y unfair
If you love that girl then tell her so
I’ll go and ask her to come back in here”

“If she was struck by cancer and was terribly ill
Would you like it if she pushed you away?
And she had to lose one, or both of her breasts
Would you be repelled and unable to stay?”

“So wake up and see, she is proud of you, man
She loves you and wants you just as you are
That is not pity you can see there in her eyes
That is love ……..now you two owe me one in the bar”


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