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P T S D 2

Remember too those Military Men
With Memories buried deep
Lifelong scars within their soul
Interrupting them when they sleep
The horros of the battlefireld
The screams of wounded and the smell
With destruction all around them
These things they remember well
Although no scars of bullets wounds
Or missing limbs that we might see
Their wounds are deep withing their Soul
Maybe for Eternity
So while we honour those who gave their lives
May we also give some thought
Of those that survived the battlefields
But are left with their lives overwrought
And if you meet someone like this
Please give them some thought
For the injuries sustained by them of course
Was from various battles they fought
And as they try to regain their lives
A normal life is their central goal
So shake their hands and release them
From the Demons within their Soul

Dennis Shubshall 1st January 2023

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  1. Mac

    So powerful and heartfelt, Dennis, and dare I suggest, from a deep personal place.
    In my experience of discussing PTSD with many people suffering from PTSD and their families, it can present and impact us and those around us so differently.
    The masks we must wear daily can be draining, and your poem touches on what exists behind those masks, for some at least.
    Thank you my friend.


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