Pageantry, Pop and Pomp

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Elizabeth’s ‘Armada’, slipped by on waves of heartfelt cheer
Subjects who had served the Crown, were seen to even shed a tear
‘Gloriana’ sleek and proud, did cut a dash in headlong charge
Water craft in panoramic sweep of bridal train, from ‘Gilded Barge’

Vantage points were much sought out; the day the river ran its course
With Barges, Ships and Boats diverse, under steam and man’s brute force
Our ‘Youth an Aged’ enjoined in thoughts of ‘Pageantry’ both new and old
As I espied the ‘One’ who’s been a constant in my life untold

Awash with love and caring hearts, the ‘River Thames’ hath surely flowed
In eyes of new discovery, the seeds of ‘Monarchy’ again are sowed
Age hath not wearied Her, She stood so proud and so erect
In far off lands Her reach has left its ‘Royal mark’ in due respect

A party thrown to honour 60 years of plenty, more in time
Our hair let down to aging ‘Rock and Rising Stars’, on set sublime
The ‘Great and Good’ did sing along with memories of days gone by
Royalty did tap their feet, though some through heritage still shy

‘The Mall’ fair bounced in joyful mood, with sea of fluttered flags on view
As Palace frontispiece adorned in ‘Red and White with streaks of Blue’
Pyrotechnics lit the sky to signal precious ‘Diamond’ reign
Never will we see such scenes in life as lived for sure again

In ‘Thanksgiving’ all joined in, to celebrate through ‘Song and Prayer’
At ‘Parliament’ they then dined out and toasts were raised to ‘Regal’ fare
The streets were thronged in deep affection, mile on mile, a wondrous scene
On Balcony to take ‘Fly Past’, a soaring tribute to ‘Our Queen’


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