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I’ve faced my pain I’ve faced my past
nothings to gain and nothings to last
in times forgotten and in memories gained
let the good times roll as the bad times fained

Facing my pain which cuts so deep
like butter through a knife
praying for my soul to keep
as I think back to my lost wife

Been to war doing their bad deed
go tell the hippies it was for peace
if you don’t listen then take heed
cause if you don’t then you they will fleece

Take your soul and empty your brain
use you abuse you and spit you out
until there’s nothing left they’ll drive you insane
I did it for you you shout

But no ones listening cause they bin taught to fend for themselves
earning a crust to fend off the cold
working away and stacking the shelves
too blind to the things they’re being told

Oh I wish I had stayed
instead of fighting that war
a soul I could keep I prayed
oh God I was the law


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