Pains of War

by | Apr 27, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Tell me of pain
The journalist asked
I thought
and then I replied
What kind of pain?
Is it that which is seen?
Or is it the pain from inside?

There’s pain that is felt
In limbs that are gone
And also from flesh wounds and sores
But also the pain we feel in our head
When thinking of sights in the wars

There’s pain that we feel
When we see a mate fall
And know they will never arise
And pain as we tell
The ones that were loved
How it happened in front of our eyes

There’s pain that is felt
On waving goodbye
When duty once more makes its call
And loved ones must wait until we return
And pray that we make each roll call

There’s pain that is felt
By those left behind
As hot tears their eyes and cheeks burn
Knowing full well that in life’s cruel fate
It may be you never return

And then there’s the pain
When coming back home
To find that very few care
‘bout the problems we meet
In today’s civvy street
When trying to settle back there

So please jot it down
In your notebook, my friend
There’s many a story to tell
But there’s not much to gain
When you tell of our pain
For people just don’t seem to care


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