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The rain had stopped.

Its incessant drumming

Now a dull memory

As the low winter sun

Cut through the dark grey clouds

And lit the lingering mist

It wasn’t warm.

A cooling wind still blew

Moving the piles of leaves

First this way and then, that

Yet still I blessed the warmth

Of that pale winter sun

I felt revived

And journeyed on

Past the dancing shafts of light

That filtered through the trees

And at the forest’s edge

I found my Christmas tree

I cut it down

Glad that it had not snowed

Its weight on my shoulder

Did not trouble me

I turned to head for home

And its welcome fireside glow

On Christmas day

We were gathered ‘round the tree

Which glowed with tinsel and lights

It seemed to stand so proud

Sharing this special time with us

And happy that I had brought it in

From the light of the pale winter sun


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