Panic Attack

by | Nov 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

We were going round the super store, as happy as could be
Starting Christmas shopping early with so much to see
The kids were being well behaved, which was a miracle in itself
When it suddenly hit me hard and fast, I grabbed tight to a shelf
Why? For God’s sake, why? I was feeling great today
The kids will ask questions again, what the hell do I say?

My legs won’t hold me up much longer, where was that b****y door?
If I don’t get out of here quick I’ll throw up on the floor
I’m so darn cold I’m shivering. Wait, no, I’m as hot as hell
The sweat is pouring down my body, I really don’t feel well
Too many people everywhere, don’t stare like that at me
My hearing’s gone. This is crap, and now I can’t even see

It’s happening again, Christ no, heart thumping at such a rate
I never thought I was a wimp, how did I get in such a state?
Whose hand is that? Get away. Don’t touch me, I can’t breathe
Is this it? Am I going to die? I can’t snuff it home on leave
Who will get the shopping home? I said I’d phone Mum and Dad
Why am I thinking these stupid things, I must be going mad

A warm little hand slips into mine, “Daddy, it will be alright”
Through a haze I see her cute smile and big blue eyes so bright
My wife’s sweet face, concerned and scared, standing with our son
“It’s OK lad” says a kind old gent. “You’re not the only one”
“We had those just the same as you, for a while when we got back”
“Give it time lad, and they will pass, you’ve just had a panic attack”


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