Parasites and Poison

by | Jun 22, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Curled up on the bathroom floor
With a needle in her arm
For a moment she is peaceful
As the poison works its charm

But the peacefulness, it doesn’t last
She craves it more and more
So she shoots her poison once again
Like so many times before

Her hair is limp and lifeless
Her eyes are black as coal
Her face so pale, it’s almost grey
As the poison takes its toll

Food no longer satisfies
The hunger felt inside
Poison is her only love
She’s lost all sense of pride

Living in a filthy squat
She has no where to turn
He body constantly twitches and shakes
As the poison inside her burns

Every night she earns her ‘keep’
So she can have her kick
Watching punters crawling by
Praying it’s her they pick

At last a punter looks her way
He beckons her to come
He agrees the price and in she gets
Her night has just begun

Twenty minutes she’s back on the street
One down, with more to go
From dusk to dawn she sells herself
To the sleaze bags on the row

Her body is now aching
The shakes they drive her wild
She needs her fix and needs it now
This girl is just a child

Just thirteen years old, she’s raped and abused
Trapped in a living hell
All because of the parasites
And the poison that they sell

Dawn arrives; she heads for ‘home’
Craving for her fix
But she has to call on her parasite pimp
Before she gets her kicks

Her pimp takes out his daily cut
From her earnings made each night
He rewards her with her poison
Such a generous parasite

Once more she lies on the bathroom floor
With a needle in her arm
Then she closes her eyes for the very last time
Her world at last is calm


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