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Rainy Monday, what a day

Stormy clouds of black and grey

Bringing gales and gloomy light

Through the day and all the night

Heavy traffic caused by mums

Taking kids with “suspect” tums

To the school gates. parking close

On grass verges, nose to nose

How would people start to talk

If my kids were made to walk ?

I only bought this 4 x 4

To stop them walking anymore

So here I am outside the school

Breaking every parking rule

Cursing everyone but me

For leaving cars so stupidly

How dare they park and box me in

Say “Sorry” with a stupid grin

I try hard not to thumb my nose

They just can’t help it I suppose

This weather is an awful pain

Gusting winds and driving rain

Why couldn’t it just wait before

I’d finished at the Waitrose store !


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