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Skeleton walls, windows, archways,
Open to north winds treacherous blows,
Dark forbidding skies, beckon thunder,
A weak moon cowers behind its cover.

Then a thunderous clap of thunder,
Closely followed by a snaking lightening strike,
Lightening up the castle ruins,
A black capped figure, with broom and cat,
And cackling laugh begins to party,
On this Halloween night.

A wave of her hand and the music starts,
With moaning shrieking winds through hollowed skulls,
Unfleshed bones cavort, tapping out the rhythm,
Hooting owls, and cawing ravens join the chorus.
Cavorting with Ghouls in satanic dance.
Just as the frenzy reaches its climax,
A shout “Cut lights” the scene revealed.
A figure in riding breetches, and cowboy hat, smiles.
States “A perfect take, well done everyone”.


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