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A simple poppy of red and black,
Reminds us of those never coming back,
A stone memorial instead of a grave,
Records the names of lives they gave.

In uniform and civilian suit,
Men silently stand to take the salute,
A minutes silence for their eternal rest,
In many a battle they were put to the test.

The parades over until next year,
We’ll never know their terror or fear,
In many lands and many wars,
They gave their lives for mine and yours.

Armistice Day on the 11th of November,
Gives us all a chance to remember,
That freedom comes at a terrible price,
When countries lock in a wartime vice.

The bugles are silent, no more the last post,
But echo on like many a soldiers ghost,
Drums are still, no more play the retreat,
Just as hearts of the fallen no longer beat.

The living cannot know the cost of bravery,
Of those who fought to save others from slavery,
The living wear medals to show they survive,
The dead on a memorial no longer alive.

There’s a huge price to pay for victory,
That only the living can finally see,
So we mark the day in a traditional way,
To remember and give thanks for our today.

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  1. Mac

    A great read, and thank you for sharing your work William.


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