Peace at last !

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Summer-hols have ended
The schools have all gone back
The house is very quiet !
Of noise there is a lack

Shouts of: ‘ What’s for lunch ‘
Their washing on the floor
‘ I don’t clean teeth on holidays ‘
Their friends queue at the door

Money for the cinema
Theme parks and the like
‘ Mother’s Taxi’s Limited ‘
They wont go on their bike

Glued to their computers
The chores they go ignored
Then have the cheek to say to me,
‘ I cant help you, I’m bored !

I am their slave from Dawn to Dusk
I cook and clean till late
Then have to iron their best clothes
Because they’ve got a date

And do they thank me for all this ?
Of course not, don’t be silly
The kids take me for granted
Demands come ‘ Willy-Nilly ‘

But now they’ve gone I’m lonely
The house is just to quiet !
Bring on the next school holidays
And let them all ‘ Run Riot ! ‘


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