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From the day we landed on Foreign soil
We knew not what to expect
Nor the reason for our presence there
But now in retrospect
Would it really have made any difference
As a Military Force we have a role to fulfil
To put into practice the skills that we’ve learnt
Hoping that we’d not have to kill
For that is the ultimate deterrent
When all normal reasoning has failed
And it’s then you fight fire with fire
When your enemy may die by the bullet or on a bayonet impaled
But a Soldier is a Professional man
And during his Service is never in doubt
When facing the enemy on the front line of attack
That a stray bullet may also snuff his life out
To be ever alert is a must in Combat
In order, perhaps to survive
And be part of a well formed Tactical Unit
So they all have chance to come out alive
Teamwork is imperative from beginning to end
Discipline is paramount too
For in a life threatening situation
The principal player may be you
And when the main battles are over
And it’s hoped normality will slowly return
As a Soldier you still have a role to achieve
To help the offended Nationals to learn
Once more to create a Democratic State
Where the Pen is perhaps mightier than the sword
Free from rebellion or coups d’etat
And independence would be their reward
Then our Peacekeeping Troops may return home once again
To U K’s pleasant pastures green
Ever hopeful to carry on their life here at home
And also that the last of Warfare’s horrors they’d seen
With a fervent hope that with Battle done
Was it all really worth the human cost
As the Lads with their heads bowed in a reverent silence
In Memory of the colleagues whose lives they had lost.


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