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The Town Planners looked down to see what they had created.
We’ve done it! We’ve done it! It’s almost completed.
The bricks are so clean, laid out so neatly.
It’s all been done really quite cheaply.

The Public, and employers will no doubt be grateful?
Oh we are! Yes we are! There’s nothing distasteful.
So we’ll add a few blobs of our favourite gum,
Not a lot, just a random pattern, say three to a brick.

The motorists , delivery vans, and a few street traders
Then decided to join with the other invaders.
So the elderly, pedestrians with prams,
Scatter as before, heads bowed, feet sticking to the floor!.

The planners looked down to see what they had created!
It’s just right, all as we said when the subject was debated.
We are so lucky, up here on cloud seven.
Listening to the birds as our flags unfurl.
Settling down once more to study “Eccentric Clochmerle”


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