Perfect Within Yourself

by | Nov 26, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Remembering the times you were
Of your own kind in deep despair,
And thinking life is never fair…
With pain and anguish felt.
When others on you their ways impressed,
Your self-esteem was sore suppressed,
Through shame and guilt… t’was never blessed…
Perfect within yourself.

In childhood’s stormy seas you lost
Your innocence, your dreams were tossed
Upon the rocks, you count the cost…
In loneliness you dwelt.
Still struggling to stem the tears,
The consequence of former years,
Sad memories shape the future fears…
Perfect within yourself.

If troubled times with you abound,
And advice from others you have found
Your conflicts even more confound…
Under pressure you had knelt.
Though shame may leave you feeling weak,
Whatever comforts you may seek,
Remember that the strong are meek…
Perfect within yourself.

Perchance that you attempt to find
A calmer, restful, tranquil mind,
And contentment of the lasting kind…
The icy burden melt.
To reach fulfilment you must deign
To recover loss and banish pain.
Just look inside yourself again…
Perfect within yourself.

Whatever reasons you intend
For injustice to amend,
Let hope eternal be your friend…
And inspiration felt.
Unleash those actions you require
To bring about what you desire,
Make known, that others you inspire…
Perfect within yourself.

You are the sum of what you do,
Yet, to be the perfect you,
Always to yourself be true…
Whatever hand is dealt.
To shine as bright as the brightest star,
You do not need to look that far.
You are perfect as you are…
Perfect within yourself.

Just perfect!


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