Phonetic Remembrance

by | Apr 1, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

A is for Alpha as in Alfa Romeo
B is for Bravo as in Two Zero
C is for Charlie as in Charlie Drake
D is for Delta as in Triangle Shape
E is for Echo as in large shouting cliffs
F is for Foxtrot as in Dancing and Twists
G is for Golf as in Game, small white ball
H is fir Hotel as in large lobby hall
I is for India as in curry filled place
J is for Juliet as in Shakespeare’s plays
K is for Kilo as in 2.2 pounds
L is for Lima a capital by sounds
M is for Mike as in Mr Smith
N is for November as in the Fifth
O is for Oscar as in Oscar Wilde
P is for Papa as in parent of a child
Q is for Quebec as in not easy to rhyme
R is for Romeo as in Juliet is Divine
S is for Sierra as in a White Ford
T is for Tango as in best foot forward
U is for Uniform as in we all look the same
V is for Victor as in Generals War Game
W is for Whiskey, I’ll drink when i’m done
X is for X-ray, i’m shot with a gun
Y is for Yankee, we’ll all be one soon
Z is for Zulu, an attack before Noon.

This Alphabet now, I’m sure you’ll remember
Because it’s written by Mr 25th of December.


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