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Somewhere deep inside my head
My memories filter through
Filed away forever
But not for you to view

I play them back like video’s
Not always on demand
They seem to come up random
Exciting, never bland

I wish there was a pause control
To stop the nasty scenes
I want to watch the nice ones
Not wars, nor death, nor screams

A screen behind my eyelids
Shows pictures from my past
It’s viewed to me in widescreen
Old comrades in the cast

The memory is a lovely thing
None of us should lose it
I only wish that I’d a choice
Just when, and where to use it

Untold tales of long ago
Go playing through my head
If I don’t wake up ‘for the end
I’m sure I’ll wake up dead

My brain is getting older
But wiser as it grows
A catalogue of films
And re-makes of the shows

They say we lose our memories
As our bodies wilt with age
The good ones always seem to go
The bad ones still here, caged

I’d love a happy ending
Where all men end up equal
But for now I’ll have to sit and watch
Waiting for the sequel

Perhaps one day I will forget
The things that happened then
But just now, in the meantime
I’ll expel them with my pen

My poems they help me “ Come to terms “
“ A problem shared “ they say
So I’ll carry on my writing
Then perhaps they’ll go away


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